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The Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority Meets Heads of Economic Institutions from Gaza Strip via Videoconference
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The Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority Meets Heads of Economic Institutions from Gaza Strip via Videoconference

His Excellency the Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority, Mr. Azzam Shawwa, met today with the heads of economic institutions in Gaza Strip to discuss the economic situation in the light of the current crisis, which has paralyzed most economic activities.
The meeting took place via videoconference between the headquarters of Palestine Monetary Authority in Ramallah in the presence of Mr. Iyad Al-Zeitawi, Executive Director of the Financial Stability Group, Mr. Mohammed Manasrah, Executive Director of the Control and Inspection Group, Mr. Mohammed Atallah, Executive Director of Monetary Stability, Mrs. Irene Saadeh, Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Communication, and the headquarters of Palestine Trade Center (PalTrade) in Gaza, in the presence of Mr. Faisal Shawwa, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of PalTrade, Mr. Ali Hayek, President of the Businessmen's Association, Mr. Osama Kahail, Head of Contractors’ Union, and Economic Expert Omar Shaaban, and Mr. Mohammed Skik, Director of Palestine Trade Center, and Dr. Ra’fat Al-Araj, Regional Supervisor of Control and Inspection at Palestine Monetary Authority in Gaza Strip.
His Excellency the Governor listened to the needs of the private sector in Gaza resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, particularly the sustainability of small enterprises, and briefed the audience on the program on which Palestine Monetary Authority as working on to stimulate the economy.
Mr. Shawwa listened to all observations from participants regarding the measures taken by Palestine Monetary Authority from the beginning of the crisis, the most important of which was the postponement of borrowers' premiums and the mechanism of dealing with cheques. Mr. Shawwa also addressed the problems and obstacles facing economic activity.
His Excellency the Governor stressed during the meeting that Palestine Monetary Authority was closely monitoring the extent to which the instructions were applied by banks, and at the same time, the extent to which citizens were obliged to pay their financial obligations, especially cheque installments.
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