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Inflation rates in Palestine (Monthly changes in consumer price index

Inflation in Palestine is largely imported and highly sensitive to world prices, particularly food and fuel. Palestine often records moderate to low inflation rates, which are customarily lower than the global averages, and significantly lower than those recorded in the MENA region. The value and magnitude of inflation in the West Bank usually varies from that of Gaza Strip due to the different price determinants. Movement in consumer prices in the West Bank are more susceptible by changes in global commodity prices, along with regional and global economic and political developments, while prices in Gaza are subject mainly to the long-lasting closure and blockade imposed on the Strip. The West Bank has recorded an inflation of about 0.7%, on average, during the 2014-2019 period, while it hovered around zero in Gaza Strip during the same period.

Palestinian Banking System as end of March. 2021


PMA Business Cycle Indicator

The PMA has begun, since 2013, producing the first business cycle indicator on the national level, namely, the PMA Business Cycle indicator “PMABCI”. This indicator aims at capturing the state and evolution of the Palestinian business environment, reflecting fluctuations in production and economic activity over time. The construction of the indicator is based on qualitative data obtained from monthly business surveys of a representative sample of firm owners/mangers on the value of various leading indicators during a specified period, and their expectations for the coming months. Subsequently, the data is processed to construct a quantitative PMABCI. The maximum value of this indicator is a positive 100, while the minimum is minus 100. The bigger the positive value, the better the economy is, and the opposite is true for the negative value. On the other hand, a value close to zero indicates that economic performance did not change and is unlikely to do so in the near future.More..