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The PMA launches the Geographic Information System (GIS)
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The PMA launches the Geographic Information System (GIS)

Now available for use by financial institutions and the citizens

The Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA) launched the second phase of the GIS, which interactively links demographic and statistical data with spatial data of financial institutions subject to its control and supervision, through providing a central database.

The system allows the public, investors and project owners to benefit from the data it provides in helping to make decisions and strategic planning for developing branching policies and identifying the areas’ needs in terms of financial and banking services, as part of enhancing financial inclusion process. This is in addition to enabling and helping them in preparing economic feasibility studies necessary for deciding to establish projects in a specific geographical area and identifying this area’s needs according to financial and statistical data and indicators.

The system provides users with an interface that has an interactive map that links geographical areas with financial, statistical and demographic data for each area. This is in terms of financial indicators, population as well as numbers, types, distribution and density of enterprises. Also, in terms of the geographical and administrative subordination of the area, and the availability and spread of financial and banking services in it.

Further, the system is an important source for researchers and authors of economic studies since it can be used to obtain accurate demographic, statistical and financial data that support the research views and questions.

For those who want to know more about the system and benefit from its data can access it through the following website: (  

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