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Palestine Monetary Authority Completes Training Program for Gaza Universities’ and Colleges’ Students
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Palestine Monetary Authority Completes Training Program for Gaza Universities’ and Colleges’ Students

Gaza – April 25, 2019 - Palestine Monetary Authority completes today at its headquarters in Gaza City training program for Gaza universities’ and colleges’ students.

The number of the students taking part in the training is thirty-five. They are majored in finance and banking as well as accounting, statistics, and business management from Al Azhar University, Islamic University, Gaza University, University College of Applied Sciences, and Al-Aqsa University. 

His Excellency Mr. Azzam Shawwa, the Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority, praised the continuity of such training programs and their relevance to applying financial inclusion at the national level while targeting the whole society including students at universities, colleges, and academic institutions, which was important to preparing and educating students about finance and banking and introducing them to banking products that the Palestinian banking system delivered.

The training program addressed a number of issues including introducing Palestine Monetary Authority, public relations function of Palestine Monetary Authority, the mechanisms of the function of the clearance room, the mechanisms of supervision over the Palestinian banking system, the nature of financial and monetary stability, the concept of financial inclusion in Palestine and the purpose of launching the National Financial Inclusion Strategy in cooperation with Palestine Capital Market Authority. The training also addressed the legal aspects of banking operations, credit regulations of Palestine Monetary Authority, the most important function of the Human Resources Department, and briefing about Palestine Deposits Insurance Corporation. The students also toured the departments and sections of Palestine Monetary Authority headquarters in Gaza City.   

The training was delivered by Palestine Monetary Authority’s officers. 

Dr. Ammar Al Araj, Governor Advisor for Monetary Operations Affairs and Head of the Technical Committee of Working with Universities in Gaza, said Palestine Monetary Authority continued to organize training programs and awareness-raining lectures with all universities and colleges in Gaza. 

Palestine Monetary Authority has conducted several training programs and lectures over the years as part of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy and corporate social responsibility of Palestine Monetary Authority. 


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