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Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority Inaugurates The National Bank Branch in al-Eizariya
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Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority Inaugurates The National Bank Branch in al-Eizariya


May 5, 2019 - His Excellency Mr. Azzam Shawwa, the Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority, inaugurated today The National Bank branch in al-Eizariya. Sheikh Mohammad Hussein, the Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine, His Excellency Fadi al-Hadmi, the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, Mr. Talal Nasser al-Deen, the Chairman of the Board of Director of The National Bank, Mr. Issam Far’oun, the Mayor of al-Eizariya, Mr. Ahmad al-Hajj Hassan the General Manager of The National Bank, and security agencies’ representatives and bank officers and economists attended the inauguration. 


Mr. Shawwa praised in the opening remarks of the inauguration the policy of expansion of The National Bank through opening branches especially in areas close to Jerusalem, which was in line with the strategy of Palestine Monetary Authority to enhance delivery of banking services to all Palestinian areas. Mr. Shawwa underpinned the importance of expansion of banks through having branches in achieving financial inclusion in Palestine especially through delivery of advanced banking services and products and creation of new jobs. Mr. Shawwa said Palestine Monetary Authority announced a few days ago, during the Arab Financial Inclusion Day event, the instructions of financial inclusion account, which would allow professionals and craftsmen and those involved in computing platforms more access to financial services to benefit from the services of the financial sector thus enhancing the rates of financial inclusion in Palestine and ensuring social welfare and sustainable economic development. Mr. Shawwa also added that “The National Bank is one of the outstanding banks in speedy growth and progress, which has noticeably influenced financial indicators. The net assets of The National Bank totaled by the end of March 2019 approximately $1,111,428,972 (the overall net assets of the banks that operate in Palestine is $15,998,338,416). The overall direct facilities of The National Bank of the same period registered $654,108,515 or 7.6% of the overall direct facilities of the banks that operate in Palestine, which totals $8,569,466,503. The National Bank branches and offices total 26. This shows that The National Bank attaches importance to developing its banking services and products to fulfill the needs of the public in general.”  


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