IBan Validation Tool


  • Type the IBAN in the upper box and press the Check button.
  • To start again erase and re-enter the IBAN.


  • All Palestinian IBANs begin with 'PS' and are exactly 29 characters long.
  • When printed, IBANs are often preceded by the word IBAN, e.g. PS##PALS000000000000123456789. Do NOT input the word IBAN as it is not part of the account number. For the above example enter only PS##PALS000000000000123456789.
  • Remove any spaces in the IBAN.
  • Ensure that the IBAN has been transcribed correctly.
  • If the IBAN is still invalid, contact the person/company who provided it.


  • By using this IBAN Checker users acknowledge that they accept the conditions of use.
  • By continuing any further you are deemed to have accepted these conditions.
  • This service is provided solely to allow users to check the validity of IBANs that have been quoted to them.
  • If you need an IBAN for your own use, please contact your bank who will provide you with one.
  • Do not attempt to generate your own IBAN.
  • The IBAN checker is not designed for and must not be used for the generation of IBANs by bank customers.