Financial Stability Group

Supervision and Inspection Department

The Supervision and Inspection Department is one of the core departments under the financial stability group, it aims to safeguard the banking sector by supervising and regulating banks, specialized lending institutions and money changers, in addition to protecting the depositors money to ensure public trust with banks and specialized lending institutions which creates a fair competitive environment that contributes in a sustainable growth in the economy development and stability in the financial system.

It employs more than 70 employees who are empowered to carry out the supervision and inspection tasks, which are the supervision and inspection divisions of local and foreign banks, monitoring division of the money changers, monitoring division of the specialized lending institutions, licensing division, macro prudential unit, technological monetary and business continuity unit and risk management unit.

Payment System Department

The Payment System Department is a core department under the financial stability group; its main objective is to maintain financial stability though keeping a safe and sound banking system. The key tasks of the Payment System Department include developing policies and business procedures for payments, developing a regulatory framework, analyzing market developments in the payments area, managing the ACH & RTGS systems, and managing the accounts of participating banks and other financial institutions. It consists of four divisions; Real Time Gross Settlements Division, Back Office and Account Management Division, a Clearing and Banking Settlements Division and a Swift and Payment Systems Technical Support Division.

Consumer Relations and Market Conduct Department

As part of PMA’s prospects to keep up with the latest developments in the banking industry in Palestine, and in order to maintain a safe and sound banking system and protect the rights and duties of clients dealing with financial and banking institutions, and due to the expansion of customers’ base resulting in an increase of credit and operational risks, the PMA has established the Consumers’ Relations and Market Conduct Department within the Financial Stability Group.

The Consumer Relations and Market Conduct Department consists of three sections: the Consumers' Awareness and Complaint Handling division which has two consumer relations halls in Ramallah and Gaza, the Analysis and Technical Support division and the Credits Operation System division. The department performs various tasks and duties, which are awareness and education, handling clients’ complaints, banking products and services, follow ups, management and supervision of credit systems, credit risk analysis.