Administrative Group

Public Relations and Communications Department (PR)

The Public Relations and Communication Department is the main channel that keeps PMA connected with both the local and the international communities aiming to encourage promote, and enforce further communication with the target groups. Its main role is to spread the vision and mission of PMA using the best means of communication and to organize the diverse and numerous internal and external activities offered.

The Department consists of two divisions: the Public Relations Department division and the Communication division.

Human Resources Department (HRD)

The Human Resources Department has three key functions, namely; developing and implementing HR Policies, HR operations and Staff Development.

Information Technology

The Information Technology department provides automated services to support institutional requirements and the needs of individual PMA departments. IT aligns its functions with the organization's strategic objectives to ensure effectiveness. The department consists of three divisions; Application and Development, IT Infrastructure Operations and Help Desk, and Business Support Systems. In addition to: IT Project Management and Business Development Systems, and Information Security Management.

General Services Department

The General Services Department was established to provide all PMA departments and offices with their requirements, and managing the administrative, capital, and project budgets to secure supplies, services and civil works necessary for the continuity of the work in an efficient and effective within work environment.

Currently, 57 employees are working in the Department in its four divisions: Procurement division, Administrative Services division, Facilities Management division, Cash and Liquidity Management division.

To accomplish this, and in accordance to the current approved system of supplies, services and civil works, the department is responsible for:

  • Preparing and managing the budget of administrative expenses, capital assets, and projects and also the implementation of all other activities.
  • Setting and updating the procedures and instructions for better utilization of the assets in accordance to changing conditions and policies set by the PMA’s Board of Directors.
  • Unifying and simplifying procurement procedures, planning and coordination for all logistic activities related to materials and supplies acquisition.
  • Maintaining records for all capital assets.
  • Cooperating with different departments to determine the best practices and methods to manage and maintain capital assets.

Finance Department

The Finance Department is a higher management tool enabling it to obtain necessary and appropriate data and information for decision making as well as presenting future plans and orientation to the PMA with the view of developing its operations within the limits of its annual estimated budget. The Department has become an important tool that links planning to budget. The Finance Department aims to find a sound, safe and efficient financial system that secures the PMA’s assets. It performs several tasks according to its organizational structure including budgeting, planning and financial reports, back-office operations of preparing and disbursing all transactions related to administrative expenses and the expenses of staff, and capital assets transactions an not contrary to PMA laws. The Finance Department consists of two sections; the Budget and Expenditures Division and the Accounting and Financial Reporting Division in addition to an internal controller who is responsible for ensuring the existence of an internal control and supervision system for the Finance Department that secures the soundness of financial procedures and operations in accordance with PMA’s applicable and valid laws, systems and instructions.