Mr. John Khoury - Member


Mr. Khoury is a finance and banking professional with more than 30 years of operating experience and a proven track record. Prior to his career in consulting, Mr. Khoury started and managed large financial institutions in the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America, Europe and Africa for about twenty years.

Since 1995, Mr. Khoury has been engaged in management, financial and strategic consulting and investment evaluations for multilateral agencies (World Bank Group, KfW German Development Bank, Asian Development Bank), private investors, large accounting firms, companies and financial institutions with projects in Asia, United States, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Central Asia and Eastern Europe.
Mr. Khoury sat on a number of banks and companies’ boards in the US, Africa, Europe and the Middle East and represented minority and majority shareholders in addition to on Not for Profit boards. Currently, Mr. Khoury sits on foundations’ boards, Credit Guarantee Funds, Investment Committees and Risk Management Committees as well as management of MSME funds. 
He led teams of finance consultants on projects for SME and microfinance sector development programs in numerous countries that entailed drafting prudential regulations, products and services, financial institutions’ restructuring and creating conducive environments. He also designed, established and managed successful SME credit guarantee funds to improve access to finance in all economic sectors including agriculture, employment generation and entrepreneurship start-ups, as well as consulted and advised governments and multilateral institutions on credit guarantees and access to finance in many countries. Mr. Khoury created the legal structures of these funds and schemes to ensure long term sustainability. He continues to serve as chairman of several of these foundations. 
Mr. Khoury regularly meets with central banks on prudential regulations, capital adequacy, risk management, provisioning and troubled debt workout. Among many of Mr. Khoury’s assignments, he led teams of consultants providing capacity building technical assistance, re-engineering financial institutions, strengthening credit risk management, bad loans classification and troubled debt workout and resolution, SME sector development programs as well as developing pricing models etc., of projects funded by multilateral agencies. He is regularly a Senior Consultant on numerous international projects and meets with banking regulators, financial institutions and private investors. 
During his career, Mr. Khoury has been engaged in consulting to financial institutions, multilateral agencies, accounting firms, private investors, and companies on a worldwide basis with emphasis on developing countries.