The Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS) was established by the International Monetary Fund in April 1996 with the aim of improving the production and dissemination of official economic and financial statistics by member states that access international financial markets. The SDDS enhances the availability of timely and comprehensive statistics and therefore contribute to the pursuit of sound macroeconomic policies. The SDDS prescribes qualitative requirements for the data disseminated (coverage, periodicity and timeliness) and practices that can enhance data accessibility by the public and the integrity and quality of the disseminated data.

Palestine has subscribed to the SDDS as of 19 April 2012. The Palestinian national indicators compliant with the SDDS are published on the National Summary Data Page (NSDP). The NSDP is updated with the contribution of the national institutions that produce official statistics, namely, the Palestine Monetary Authority, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics and Ministry of Finance.

The SDDS’s Advance Release Calendar, NSDP, metadata and other related information can be accessed from the Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board.