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The PMA Business Cycle Index (PMABCI) –September 2021
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The PMA Business Cycle Index (PMABCI) –September 2021

An improvement in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip

The results of the PMA Business Cycle Index (PMABCI) revealed an improvement in the overall index, from -11.9 point in August to -5.3 point during September, due to a remarkable improvement in both, Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

As for West Bank, the overall index increased from 6.5 point in August to 7.1 point in September. This increment was headed by the rise in the agricultural index (from 3.1 to 7.2), transport and storage index (from 0.4 to 1.1), and construction index (from -0.2 to 0.3). In the meanwhile, the IT and communication index remained relatively stable, with a positive tendency, at around 0.4 point, and the renewable energy index stabilized at around 0.0 point. On the other hand, the trade index declined from 0.7 to -2.1, and the manufacturing index dropped (from 2.1 to 0.2).

On the other hand, the overall index in Gaza Strip improved from -55.2 in August to -34.5 in September, due to the easing of the Israeli measures, where the fishing zone expanded and the entry of construction materials has been resumed. Hence, the trade index increased (from -36.1 to -27.1), manufacturing index (from -9.0 to -1.7), and transportation and storage index (from -1.9 to 0.5). Furthermore, the agricultural index improved (from -5.0 to -3.5), and construction index (from -2.8 to -2.4). In the meantime, IT and communication index, and renewable energy index remained relatively stable at around -0.3 and -0.1, respectively.

However, firms’ owners in both West Bank and Gaza Strip indicated that production and sales levels increased during this month. Moreover, they expect an increase in production and employment level in the next three months.

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