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The Palestine Monetary Authority concludes its 2021 economic journalists' course series
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The Palestine Monetary Authority concludes its 2021 economic journalists' course series

Organized a training course entitled "E-Payment Services and Financial Technology"



The Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA), concluded today, in Ramallah, its series of training courses for economic journalists for 2021, held in collaboration with the Economic Journalists Network, where today it organized the last training course of the year, entitled E-Payment and Financial Technology.

The closing session was attended by the Governor of the PMA, Dr. Feras Milhem, the Head of the Palestinian Journalists' Syndicate Mr. Nasser Abu Bakr, the Coordinator of the Economic Journalists Network Mr. Ayham Abu Ghosh, and several directors of the PMA.

In his speech, The Governor Dr. Feras Milhem stressed the importance of the role of the media in publishing financial and banking statements and introducing them to the public. He also pointed out the need to develop the abilities and skills of journalists to develop their role from transferring these data to interpretating and analyzing the data, with the aim of creating more financial and banking knowledge and awareness among all society segments.

The governor thanked the Journalists' Syndicate for its interest in banking and economic affairs, the development of journalists' capabilities in this field, and the impact this creates on achieving and supporting the overall development process and maximizing the role of the national economy.

For his part, The Head of journalists Syndicate Mr. Nasser Abu Bakr praised the cooperation between the PMA and the Journalists’ Syndicate represented by the Economic Journalists Network, especially by organizing a series of specialized courses in the field of banking to enhance the knowledge of journalists in this field.

Abu Bakr stressed the need to develop ways of cooperation between the two sides and organize more exercises and activities that can contribute to the development of the capacities of journalists working in the field of economic journalism. 

During the course, Eyad Zeitawi, Executive Director of the Financial Stability Group, provided a general definition of financial technology and electronic payment services, referring to the efforts and strategic plans of the PMA  in the framework of creating the infrastructure of the financial and technological banking system in Palestine.

A number of officials from the Financial Stability Group at the PMA lectured at the workshop. Mr. Amin Hamdan explained the electronic payment companies and the most prominent financial services they provide and the characteristics of these services. He also explained how they are used in the completion of financial transactions, and how the PMA controls and supervises these companies to ensure the highest levels of security, transparency, and effectiveness, through specialized teams working to monitor the application of the best international standards related to e-payment services.

Mr. Hatem Hamdallah spoke about the mechanism of operation of display and payment systems and various forms, payment cards, national key system and international networks, instant payment systems and electronic payment portal.

Mr. Firas AbuHasan also explained the financial technology and the electronic financial system in Palestine and its importance. He also explained the role of the PMA in managing this system with the aim of maintaining a secure and stable financial system, promoting levels of financial inclusion, and achieving economic development.

It is worth mentioning that the PMA has previously organized a series of workshops and specialized courses for journalists, in light of the memorandum of understanding signed with the Journalists Syndicate for the development of economic media.



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