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The Governor of the Palestine Monetary Authority visits Tulkarm Governorate, the Chamber of Commerce and Kadoorie University
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The Governor of the Palestine Monetary Authority visits Tulkarm Governorate, the Chamber of Commerce and Kadoorie University

Tulkarm Governorate, 15/12/2021

The Governor of the Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA), Dr. Feras Milhem, visited Tulkarm Governorate. The tour began with a meeting with the Governor of Tulkarm Governorate, Major General Issam Abu Bakr, who praised the role of the PMA in supporting and developing the banking sector, stressing the cooperation with the PMA and the banking sector and the strengthening of relations with them, the matter which reflects positively on the economic reality in the Tulkarm Governorate. Major General Abu Bakr explained the economic situation in Tulkarm Governorate and the challenges facing it.

In turn, Dr. Milhem stressed the keenness of the PMA and the banking sector, through various programs, especially the Sustainability Fund, to support small and medium enterprises, with the aim of contributing to improving life conditions and developing all economic sectors to serve citizens and support their steadfastness.

The Governor also met with Mr. Ibrahim Abu Haseeb, Head of the Tulkarm Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a number of members of the Board of Directors and a group of merchants. The meeting reviewed the difficult conditions that Tulkarm merchants suffer from, particularly in light of the Israeli measures, and ways of cooperation with the PMA to serve and help merchants

The governor listened to the problems that merchants suffer from in their relationship with banks and money exchangers, most notably the problem of the Shekel surplus, and promised to follow up and work on solving it and urging and directing banks to provide multiple services to businessmen and the public.

The governor referred to the tireless efforts made by the PMA in establishing the necessary infrastructure for digital transformation and electronic payment, which will contribute greatly to solving the problems of merchants and citizens, calling on merchants and all economic sectors to benefit from the advanced systems of the PMA, especially the credit inquiry system in the conduct of their trade business.

The Governor visited Palestine Technical University (Kadoorie) and met with its President, Dr. Nour Abu-Rub, who briefed him on the development, specializations and programs of the university, especially the College of Business and Economics.

The governor expressed his happiness to visit the university, which is characterized by being a specialized technical university, and his pride in the continuous development it witnesses in its programs and achievements at various levels, especially as it offers many specializations to students, including those related to the economic sector, in particular the digital economy, indicating that the authority seeks to direct small and emerging projects to benefit from bank financing so that the interest is reduced or zero, which makes it easier for graduate students and innovators to start their own projects and launch them in the labor market.


Then Dr. Milhem gave a lecture to the students of the College of Business and Economics, in which he introduced the PMA and its role, the entities subject to its control, and its role in developing the banking sector and economic development, with a focus in his speech on digital transformation and electronic payment, which will facilitate the conduct of financial transactions for citizens and bring about economic development, in addition to being a necessity and inevitable in order to enter the future.

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