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PMA Organizes a Meeting to Coordinate Activities of Child and Youth Banking Week 2015
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PMA Organizes a Meeting to Coordinate Activities of Child and Youth Banking Week 2015

Preparing for the West Bank and Gaza Strip launch of the activities of the Child and Youth Banking Week 2015, now in its fourth consecutive year, the PMA organized yesterday a coordination meeting in cooperation with the Association of Banks in Palestine (ABP) and the Ministry of Education (MoE). The meeting was attended by bank marketing managers, heads of directorates of schools in the MoE and representatives of UNRWA schools.

The meeting focused on overcoming the various difficulties and obstacles which were faced by bank representatives and certain schools while undertaking activities in the previous years. The meeting also aimed at fostering and initiating communication methods in a manner that best serves the goals of the banking week; namely reaching out to the largest possible number of 8th grade students. During the meeting, the activities of the Banking Week 2015 were discussed including the visits of bank employees to schools and the dedication of one working-hour in bank branches to receive students and their parents. 

Director of the Consumer’s Relation and Market Conduct Department at the PMA, Mr. Ali Faroun, thanked the Ministry of Education, the UNRWA and bank employees for their strong cooperation during past events and for their active participation in preparing for this year’s event.

Head of Cultural Activities at the Ministry of Education, Mr. Mahmoud Eid, representing the Ministry of Education in the meeting, commended the PMA for its efforts which aim at the dissemination of financial awareness among students and ensured the continued cooperation of the Ministry of Education with the PMA to support this Banking Week event.

From his side, the representative of UNRWA schools, Mr Nabil Mansour, confirmed that UNRWA was keen to take part in this event due to its desire to link student education with society and life. In seeking to provide students with opportunities and a variety of educational sources, the UNRWA will remain committed to this event, Mr. Mansour added. He also commended the PMA for its pioneering role.

In conclusion, participants unanimously acknowledged the importance of the event and its discernible role in spreading financial awareness. They also acknowledged the need for cooperation and team work in order to secure all that is needed to reach the targeted group.

The Banking Week, which coincides with the events of the Global Child and Youth Banking Week, aims at spreading and promoting financial and banking literacy across as many social segments as possible, in particular the child and youth group in order to assist group members in preparing to shape their financial and economic future wisely.

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