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Palestine Monetary Authority Launches Its Social Media Pages
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Palestine Monetary Authority Launches Its Social Media Pages

Ramallah, 16/6/2013. The PMA has launched its official social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube; in an effort to develop banking and financial awareness among the Palestinian public.  It aims to encourage the optimum use of banking services, attain a deeper connection with all segments of society, and to utilize methods such as interactive media and customers' feedback while communicating with the public.

The PMA's Facebook link provides information with regard to circulars issued by banks, money-changers, and specialized lending institutions. This is in addition to other information which the PMA hopes to convey to its ever growing target audience of business-people and bank users. It also aims to sensitize the public to the optimal methods of utilizing the banking system and the services which it provides; noting that the number of Palestinian Facebook users has almost reached a million, which is a very high percentage when compared to the country's population.

On the other hand, the PMA's YouTube page link offers videos of documented interviews, projects, workshops, as well as organized PMA services and events such as: banking conferences, annual banking and financial "awareness weeks",  in addition to news and media coverage of the PMA's activities.

The PMA has also launched a Twitter link in order to reach out to local and international users of this social networking method; particularly since some of the services offered by the PMA and the banking system target Palestinians living abroad. Those wishing to benefit from an updated banking system with advanced technologies to facilitate money transfers, such as the (International Bank Account Number - IBAN) among others.

Through the launch of its social media pages, the PMA hopes that the public would exploit the available social networking opportunities to enhance their banking and finance knowledge. In addition, it aims to deliver its vision to its target audience of citizens, bankers, business -people, employees, money-changers, specialized lending institutions, as well as journalists and academics so as to serve the general interest of society as a whole. This also falls within the PMA's efforts to provide an additional means to a fast and professional communication with the public.

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