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In the Presence of His Excellency the Governor, Housing Bank, Branches of Palestine, Provides Emergency Aid of Half a Million Shekels for Wakfet Izz Fund
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In the Presence of His Excellency the Governor, Housing Bank, Branches of Palestine, Provides Emergency Aid of Half a Million Shekels for Wakfet Izz Fund

April 15, 2020 - In the presence of His Excellency the Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority Mr. Azzam Shawwa, the Housing Bank, branches of Palestine, donated half a million shekels to the Wakfet Izz Fund dedicated to confront the outbreak of the Coronavirus "Covid19" based on social and national responsibility to face the exceptional circumstances that the country is going through.
The donation was made on the direction of his Excellency the Governor to support the government to deal with and contain the pandemic, provide the necessary health care for the infected, provide the required tests to those suspected of having the virus, and to provide aid to needy families who have been affected by this pandemic, according to the plan prepared by the Wakfet Izz Fund.
His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Azzam Shawwa, praised this donation, noting that the Palestinian banking system has proved time and again that it stands in the first line of defense for our people and our economy, and does not hesitate for a moment to provide everything it can in times of crisis from a national and humanitarian perspective.
Mr. Shawwa pointed out that Palestine Monetary Authority encouraged banks to direct social responsibility budgets to support the efforts of the government and the health sector to deal with the Covida9 pandemic and reduce its spread in Palestine, and to provide resources to support the social safety net for the segments affected by the pandemic. Mr. Shawwa also praised the support provided by the Palestinian banking sector and assuming its social responsibility and the additional burdens resulting from the current health crisis.
For his part, Mr. Mohammed Barghouti, Regional Director of The Housing Bank, stressed the importance of this donation as part of the bank's responsibilities to serve and protect the homeland and citizens, praising the role of medical and government institutions and the tireless efforts of various entities at different levels to overcome these circumstances, stressing the need for all to join hands and activate the values of cooperation to overcome this ordeal.
Mr. Talal Nasser al-Deen, President of the Wakfet Izz Fund, praised the aid provided by the Housing Bank, stressing that the banks were the first to support the Fund and provide it with the necessary, calling on the Palestinian community to stand hand in hand and donate as much as it can to help cover the needs of the affected citizens until the end of this pandemic. 
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