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Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority Meets the Minister of Women's Affairs
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Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority Meets the Minister of Women's Affairs

Ramallah – January 8, 2020
His Excellency the Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority, Mr. Azzam Shawwa, met at his office in Ramallah with Her Excellency the Minister of Women's Affairs, Dr. Amal Hamad. Deputy Minister of Women's Affairs, Mr. Bassam Al-Khatib, Mr. Iyad Al-Zeitawi, Executive Director of the Financial Stability Group of Palestine Monetary Authority, Mrs. Rola Malouf, the Executive Director of the Management Operations Group, and Mrs. Irene Saadeh, the Director of Public Relations and Communication attended the meeting.
Mr. Shawwa welcomed the Minister and briefed her on the efforts of Palestine Monetary Authority to develop the banking sector and maintain its stability and soundness, develop its banking systems, and enhance its financial stability by keeping up with the latest banking developments, and working to strengthen Palestine Monetary Authority’s relations with Arab countries and the rest of the world.
Mr. Shawwa also touched on the efforts of Palestine Monetary Authority in the field of banking and economic empowerment of women, praising the support and wisdom of President Mahmoud Abbas and the Government of the efforts, the most recent of which was the issuance of decree-law by President Mahmud Abbas authorizing mothers to open bank accounts for their young children, and to deposit in such accounts and withdraw from them and close them. The decree-law was based on the recommendation of Mr. Shawwa. Palestine Monetary Authority issued, under the Presidential decree, its instructions regarding the organization of the procedures for opening these accounts, after holding a series of consultation meetings with the operations managers and legal advisers of the banks, according to Mr. Shawwa. Now mothers can directly open an account for their children in their own names and under the mothers’ management.
The Minister of Women's Affairs appreciated the role and efforts of Palestine Monetary Authority in maintaining financial stability and developing the banking sector and in promoting and developing women's financial and economic opportunities in order to improve their situation, which would reflect positively on their role in improving the Palestinian economy in general.
Dr. Hamad discussed with Mr. Shawwa ways and possibilities of providing banking facilities to women, within well-reviewed criteria, for their economic empowerment, through their employment and the establishment of small enterprises, especially women survivors of violence who need to be reintegrated into society to protect them from the effects of any harsh circumstances. Dr. Hamad called for the strengthening of social responsibility in the private sector, particularly towards women.
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