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Delegation from Palestine Governance Institute Meets with PMA Governor
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Delegation from Palestine Governance Institute Meets with PMA Governor

H.E. governor of PMA received a delegation from the Palestine Governance Institute (PGI) composed of Mr. Rami Al-Saba’ and Mr. Nitham Ayoub, representing the Board of Directors, and Dr. Hisham Awartani and Mr. Mohammad Khalife from the executive management. The delegation congratulated H.E. Governor of the PMA on the occasion of his appointment to office, and wished him success in supervising over the banking sector and maintaining monetary and financial stability in Palestine. The delegation also briefed the Governor on the various activities carried out by the PGI, which aim at updating governance practices and improving the performance of companies and institutions, including supervisory governmental authorities. 

The PGI delegation commended the PMA for its accomplishments in promoting Palestinian banking system performance and the level of bank commitment to governance principles as set out in Palestinian statutory and regulatory frameworks and in line with relevant international standards. The two sides discussed potential areas of cooperation in organizing and carrying out research, educational and training activities in the area of governance in the financial and banking sectors. 
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