Press Releases

PMA Announces the Results of PMABCI: An Increase in the West Bank and Decrease in Gaza Strip

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The PMA has published the results of PMA Indicator for the Business Cycle (PMABCI) on Wednesday April, 24th, 2013. The PMABCI aims at monitoring fluctuations in economic activity, including production, and employment, and their repercussions on the Palestinian economy.

PMA Conducts a Banking Awareness Seminar at the University of Palestine in Gaza Strip

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PMA conducted a banking awareness seminar for the Faculty of Business students at Palestine University in Gaza Strip; this seminar took place as part of PMA financial and banking awareness program, which aims at increasing the banking awareness and financial education among university and school students in Palestine.

PMA Announces New Procedures to Stimulate Lending to Empower SMEs in Palestine

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Based on the recommendations of the Palestine International Banking Conference 2013, Palestine Monetary Authority decided some procedures to stimulate lending to Small and Medium Enterprises in Palestine, which will contribute in empowering the SMEs sector, create new job opportunities, reduce the percentage of unemployment, and encourage pioneering among companies.

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