Financial and Monetary Stability


Financial Stability


Financial Stability for financial sector in Palestine is a key objective of PMA. This heads it's priorities like any other central bank in the world. PMA has incessantly expended
great efforts to improve and develop its capacity in order to reach the same high standards of operation as those in developed countries. PMA concerns that Financial and Banking sector in Palestine are able to face any risks or vulnerabilities that will affect negatively the growth and development of the economy. Furthermore, PMA aims to ensure that this sector effectively and efficiently performs it's given tasks.


Monetary Stability

Although the attainment of monetary stability is linked with the issuing of a national currency, the PMA exerts relentless determination in finding a path to stability in Palestine. They do so by conducting practical operations and distributing the necessary analytical and informative frameworks for the formulation and implementation of a monetary policy. This section sheds light on the important procedures and efforts that the PMA employs in order to achieve monetary stability in Palestine.