To Prevent Congestion at ATMs, Palestine Monetary Authority Calls on Citizens to Use the National Switch System 194

April 2, 2020 – Palestine Monetary Authority calls on citizens to take advantage of the National Switch System 194 to prevent any crowding at ATMs to preserve the health of citizens. This coincides with the start of the payment of salaries to public servants.
The National Switch System 194 is a system that connects all ATMs of banks operating in Palestine into a unified network, so that bank clients who have ATM cards can benefit from the services of any nearby ATM without the condition that the ATM belongs to the bank in which they have a bank account.
Palestine Monetary Authority explained that during the current period, banks have exempted users of the National Switch System 194 from any fees or commissions, in order to encourage citizens to use the 704 ATMs distributed in all provinces of the country, to complete their banking transactions without resorting to bank branches.
Palestine Monetary Authority renewed its call for citizens to use electronic banking services to complete their financial transactions, rather than using cash, in order to maintain public safety under current health conditions.
Palestine Monetary Authority stressed the need for citizens to abide by the time of movement allowed in each province, and to abide by preventive health guidelines when using ATMs, and thanked the security agencies, police and volunteers who contributed to organizing the withdrawal process in front of the ATMs in order to ensure the safety of citizens and prevent infection.

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