The PMA started publishing its indicator for the business cycle (PMABCI) on a monthly basis since November 2012. 

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DateSorted By Date In Descending OrderCurrencyAskBidaverage
3/16/2017USD to JOD0.71000.70800.7090
3/16/2017USD to ILS3.63363.62963.6316
3/16/2017USD to EGP18.250018.150018.2000
3/16/2017EUR to USD1.07361.07351.0736
3/16/2017GBP to USD1.22761.22751.2276
3/16/2017JOD to ILS5.13225.11215.1222
3/16/2017EUR to ILS3.90103.89643.8987
3/16/2017EGP to ILS0.20020.19890.1995
3/16/2017XAU to USD1226.981226.211226.60
3/16/2017XAG to USD17.50017.42017.4600
3/15/2017USD to JOD0.71000.70800.7090
3/15/2017USD to ILS3.66653.66453.6655
3/15/2017USD to EGP18.150018.050018.1000
3/15/2017EUR to USD1.06281.06271.0628
3/15/2017GBP to USD1.22221.22151.2219
3/15/2017JOD to ILS5.17875.16135.1700
3/15/2017EUR to ILS3.89683.89433.8955
3/15/2017EGP to ILS0.20310.20190.2025
3/15/2017XAU to USD1204.691204.501204.59
3/15/2017XAG to USD16.99016.95016.9700
3/14/2017USD to JOD0.71000.70800.7090
3/14/2017USD to ILS3.67113.66713.6691
3/14/2017USD to EGP17.960017.860017.9100
3/14/2017EUR to USD1.06521.06481.0650
3/14/2017GBP to USD1.21641.21631.2164
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