The PMA started publishing its indicator for the business cycle (PMABCI) on a monthly basis since November 2012. 

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Dr. Taalib Sarie

Dr. Sarie obtained his PhD in Math & Computer Science in 1983 from Clarkson University in USA in 1983, his M.Sc in Simulation and his B.Sc in Mathematics from Jordan University. Dr. Sarie served as president of the Middle East University in Jordan till June 2012, was the president of the Arab Open University in Jordan, consultant in the field of information system for the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Union of Arab Banks, Arab Monetary Fund, Palestine Monetary Authority, Central Bank of Yemen, Customs Department, Jordan University Hospital, Islamic Hospital, the Jordan Palestine Committee, Arab Pipes Corporation, UNESCO Office in Jordan and ESCWA. He was member of the Jordan Higher Education Council in 2010 and Secretary General of Higher Education Institutes in the Arab World. He is Director General and Founding Member of the Computer Center at the University of Jordan and is one of the organizers of establishing Palestinian Banking Sector Service Company.