The Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority Visits Hebron and Participates in a Meeting at the Hebron Chamber of Commerce

Hebron – February 23, 2020
His Excellency the Governor of Palestine Monetary Authority, Mr. Azzam Shawwa, visited Hebron governorate and met with the Governor of Hebron, Major General Jibrin al-Bakri and governorate staff. Mr. Shawwa briefed them on the latest banking developments and the efforts of Palestine Monetary Authority to promote financial stability in Palestine. Mr. Mohammad Manasrah, Executive Director of the Monitoring Group, Mr. Iyad Al-Zeitawi, Executive Director of the Financial Stability Group, and Mrs. Irene Saadeh, Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Communication Group, accompanied Mr. Shawwa in his visit to Hebron. 
Major General Al Bakri praised the role of Palestine Monetary Authority and the banking sector, and the banks support of the Palestinian economy, and presented the latest developments in Hebron governorate and the challenges it was going through and the efforts of the governorate to support the resilience of its people.
His Excellency Governor Azzam Shawwa also visited the Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry and was received by the Chamber's President, Mr. Abdah Idris, and members of the Board of Directors. Mr. Shawwa then held an extended meeting at the chamber's headquarters in the presence of the members of the Chamber and the forum of businessmen, money changers, and representatives of banks operating in Hebron governorate. Mr. Shawwa was briefed about the economic conditions in Hebron governorate and the challenges it faced, and the plans being worked on to activate and develop the economic situation and promoting it. The demanded requested that banks should direct their facilities to the investment sectors, especially industry, and provide liquidity in various currencies, especially dinars and dollars, and provide training to traders and businessmen in the field of financial and banking awareness, fraud detection and anti-money laundering and Palestine Monetary Authority’s regulations.
The President of the Chamber and the attendees praised Palestine Monetary Authority’s professionalism and transparency, high and tangible impact. His Excellency the Governor spoke on the issues raised by the audience, praising at the outset the vitality of Hebron governorate and its resilience in the face of crises and difficulties. He noted the success of Palestine Monetary Authority in achieving financial stability in Palestine and its contribution to sustainable economic development.

Mr. Shawwa presented the developments at Palestine Monetary Authority and the indicators of the banking system in Palestine in general and in the governorate of Hebron in particular, where the total direct facilities at the end of December 2019 hit more than nine billion dollars, of which the share of the governorate of Hebron was 6%, and the deposits of clients totaled about 13.4 billion dollars, of which the governorate of Hebron accounted for 9%, and the number of branches and offices of banks in January 2020 was 372 in the whole country, of which 14% was in the governorate of Hebron.
The number of branches of lending institutions reached 100 at the end of January 2020 at all governorates, the share of Hebron governorate of that number was 14%, and the total of facilities portfolio hit almost $263 million and at the end of December 2019, of which 12% was the share of Hebron governorate.
The number of licensed money changers at the end of December 2019 reached 246, of which 11% were in Hebron.
Mr. Shawwa said Palestine Monetary Authority applied the best international regulations and standards related to supervision and control of the financial sectors under its supervision, including the application of a risk-based approach.
The President of the Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry accompanied Mr. Shawwa and the accompanying delegation on a tour of the Junaidi Dairy Products Factory, a leading national company in Palestine.


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