The PMA started publishing its indicator for the business cycle (PMABCI) on a monthly basis since November 2012. 

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Dr. Riyad Mustafa Abushehadeh 

Deputy Governor

Dr. Abu Shehadeh started his career at the PMA in 1996 soon after it was established. He almost has 23 years of professional career. He is considerd aprominent Central Banker in Palestine and the region. He holds the post of Deputy Governor since June 2018, prior to that he held the post of Assistant Governor for Financial Stability starting 2015 and the post of Supervisor of Banks since 2006 being the only director to get the post after passing all IMF restructuring requirements of the PMA. Dr. Abu Shehadeh served in several senior positions since he has joined the PMA. 

Dr. Abu Shehadeh got the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) Scholarship to persue his Ph.D in India in 2014. He completed his P.hD in Risk Management from Nagpur University- India in 2016. He also got a Chevening Scholarship to persue his Masters studies in UK in 1998, where he got his master's degree in Finance, Regulation and Risk Management from ICMA Center -University of Reading –in the United Kingdom in 1999. He also holds master's degree in Banking and Business Finance from the University of Baroda in India in the year 1995. and Bachelor's degree with distinction in Commerce from Nagpur University, India in the year 1992. 

Dr. Abu Shehadeh represents the PMA as a board member in several organizations and committees i.e Deputy Governor at the Arab Monetary Fund, Palestine Banking Institute, Social Security Corporation (SSC), the National Committee for Combating Money Laundering &Tourist Financing, the Students Fund for Higher Education. He is also a Steering Committee member in the IMF Middle East Technical Assistance Center (METAC) based in Beirut- Lebanon. He also heads or participates as a member in several technical committees at the PMA. 

He represented the PMA as a board member at the Palestine Capital Market Authority (PCMA) and the National Committee for anti Money laundering & Terrorist Financing, The Council of Auditing Profession for two consecutive terms, Orphans Fund and Muncipalities Fund. For several years he reprented PMA on the the Arab Committee on Banking Supervision (ACBS) and the Arab Financial Stability Team that is affiliated to the Council of Governors' for the Arab Central Banks and Monetary Agencies, The Arab Monetary Fund. 

Dr. Abu Shehadeh has attended several workshops, seminars, conferences in all Central Banking activities especially in the Supervision areas, Risk management, Compliance Anti Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing and Financial Stability.

His published research papers are “Business Continuity & Disaster recovery: Lessons from Palestine” & “The Palestinian Experience in Developing the Banking System.

During his tenure as Assistant Governor for Financial Stability, he enhanced the efficiency and consistency of the Financial Stability group benefiting through the experience of the international, regional and Arab countries experience in this field.