PMA Governor inaugurate Three Training Workshops on Banking and Awards Certificates to Graduate Credit Officers

H.E. Governor of PMA, Mr., Azzam Shawwa, opened a two-day training workshop titled “Management of Risks Related to the Crime of Money-Laundering for Banks and Financial Institutions in accordance to recent International Standards”, organized by the Palestinian Banking Institute (PBI) at its headquarters in Gaza. The training was delivered by Mr. Firas Murrar, Deputy Director of the Financial Follow-up Unit. Attending were Dr. Iyad Jayyousi, General Manager of PBI; Dr. Riyad Abu Shehadeh, Assistant to the Governor for Financial Stability Affairs; directors from the PMA; economic experts and a group of employees of banks operating in the Gaza Strip.
H.E. the Governor praised Palestinian regulations regarding the financial sector, which observe the standards set for combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism. He pointed out that Palestine is currently taking strides on a strategic path planned to implement best international standards in the area of anti-money laundering (AML). One of the most important clauses of this strategy, he added, focused on development of relations with law enforcement authorities and the reporting parties which submit information about the money laundering crime.
H.E. the Governor pointed out that the performance of the banking system won the commendation of the US Department of State during a recent visit of a joint delegation from the PMA and the banking sector to the USA. During the visit, the delegation met with senior officials from the White House, the US Treasury, the New York Federal Reserve, and two most important correspondent banks, namely Citibank and Bank of New York Melon) in New York City, as well as with a host of senior members of the US Congress in the House and the Senate and key executives from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. 
H.E. the Governor praised the PBI for attending to the immediate and long-term needs of the financial and banking sectors in Palestine, through conducting training courses that upgrade administrative and technical capabilities at all levels. In consequence, banking and financial staff can rely on a deep understanding of the industry’s basic principles and operate in accordance with the sound rules and standards of financial and banking business. 
In turn, Dr. Iyad Jayyousi expressed his gratitude to H.E. the Governor and the PMA for their ceaseless support to PBI, its programs and activities. He affirmed that PBI will continue to strive to fulfill its mission as a leading professional institution distinguishing itself in the field of enhancing the performance of both individuals and institutions working specifically in the financial and banking sectors, but also within the domain of the Palestinian economy in general.
Earlier, Governor Shawwa opened two training workshop organized by the PBI at its main offices in Gaza, lasting for two days. The first workshop was titled “Cheques and the Clearing System” and was presented by Mr. Riyad Awwad, Director of the Payment Systems Department at the PMA, whereas the second was titled “Credit Information Systems” and was presented by Mr. Ali Faroun, Director of the Consumer Relations and Market Conduct Department at the PMA. 
Afterwards, H.E. Governor Shawwa and Dr. Jayyousi awarded the Chartered Credit Officer Diploma to graduates who concluded the specialized vocational certification course in the field of credit management. The course was organized by the PBI and aimed at qualifying banking and financial staff in the field of credit management. 
H.E. Governor Shawwa urged all employees working in the banking sector to make efforts to enhance their capabilities and abilities through continuous training, calling upon universities to assume a leading role in this respect, through dissemination of financial and banking sciences and knowledge, organization of specialized seminars and brain-storming roundtables, convening specialized scientific conferences, exchanging information and expertise and seeking collaboration at the local, regional and international levels to lift banking and financial business standards in Palestine. 
Governor Shawwa wished the participants all success in drawing on these significant training courses, in a manner that reflects positively on their performance and the execution of their jobs and activities.

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