Report on the Credit Risk Management Lending Practices in the West Bank

Source: Risk Manager_ ERM

The Gaza Strip and the West Bank have approximately four million inhabitants, of which a large portion are consumers and potential borrowers from the banks, mail-order companies, businesses and mobile-communication providers et cetera.

IMF: Palestine Monetary Authority is Ready to Assume Central Bank Authority

In it's Seventh Review Progress Report

IMF Praises PMA as Palestine Bids for Statehood

Source: Central Banking

An IMF report has hailed advances made by the Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA) as it strives to improve its banking sector in preparation for the territory's bid for global recognition of its statehood in September 2011.

PMA Sets Up Scholarship Scheme

Source: Central Bank News

The Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA) will offer PhD scholarships to the state's brightest students in a bid to strengthen its research and monetary policy department.