PMA Gains New Authority over Payments Systems

Source: Central Banking

Decree law gives Palestine Monetary Authority green light to promote ‘modern e-banking services’; Jihad Alwazir says new systems will increase efficiency while reducing risks.

Report on the Credit Risk Management Lending Practices in the West Bank

Risk Manager_ ERM

The Gaza Strip and the West Bank have approximately four million inhabitants, of which a large portion are consumers and potential borrowers from the banks, mail-order companies, businesses and mobile-communication providers et cetera.

Palestinian Monetary Authority Ready for UN Bid Backlash

Bloomberg News

Palestinian Monetary Authority Governor Jihad Al Wazir said he has readied the financial system to withstand the repercussions that may follow a planned statehood bid at the United Nations as soon as this month.

Palestine: Managing with Fewer Levers, The Financial Times

The Financial Times

If you feel sorry for Ben Bernanke (chairman of the US Federal Reserve), who is fast running out of options to save his country’s economy, spare a thought for Jihad Al-Wazir. Despite being governor of the Palestinian Monetary Authority, Al-Wazir has no control over interest rates or money supply.